Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions Car Rental Cluj – Rent a Car Cluj Airport

The car rental procedure in Cluj implies the compliance with a set of rules and conditions imposed by the company Tim Rent A Car Cluj:

  • We reserve the right to select our customers.
  • The driver must have a driver’s license for at least one year.
  • The minimal rental period is 24 hours.
  • For one day of rental, the standard price includes 300 km internally or 400 km externally.

For longer distances, please contact us for a price offer.
For periods over 10 days, the number of kilometers is unlimited.

Other liabilities

  1. The customer shall comply with the Romanian legislation regarding the driving regulations and the instructions from the vehicle’s user manual.
  2. The handed over vehicle shall be kept in a perfectly clean condition, both inside and outside.
  3. the vehicle shall be used exclusively for traveling on Romanian territory, without being used for racing, demonstrations etc; If traveling abroad is desired, this has to be communicated at the signing of the agreement.
  4. It is mandatory to communicate immediately any technical failure and to comply with the instructions received from the car rental company:Tim Rent a Car Cluj.
  5. The customer shall notify the car rental company, within 12 hours, regarding the loss or theft of the registration certificate/temporary circulation permit, car keys and/or remote control.
  6. The customer shall notify immediately, in writing and verbally, regarding the theft of the vehicle or its components/parts, along with any damages to the vehicle.
  7. It is forbidden to bring modifications and additions of any nature, both to the mechanical and esthetic part of the rented vehicle.
  8. it is forbidden to drive the vehicle under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medicine (substances) forbidden to vehicle drivers.
  9. It is forbidden to drive the vehicle with the driver’s license suspended, annulled or withheld for annulment or suspending.
  10. To keep with care the registration certificate/temporary circulation permit, car keys and/or remote control. Otherwise, the customer shall suffer the consequences arising from their loss or theft.
  11. The access of the vehicle in flooded areas or circulation outside the publicly open roads is forbidden.
  12. It is necessary to take safety measures (removing the keys from the contact, closing the windows, doors, trunk, activating the alarm system etc.) when the vehicle is stationary or parked.
  13. It is not allowed to abandon the vehicle in unpopulated areas or blocking the traffic, except for the cases where this was expressly requested by lawful bodies, when the life or integrity of people is jeopardized.
  14. It is forbidden to transport persons and goods for a fee.
  15. The customer shall not use the rented vehicle for the transport of goods or animals.
  16. The towing of other vehicles is not allowed.
  17. The customer shall handover the vehicle immediately, at the expiry of the contractual period. For exceeding the period by over 2 hours, Tim Rent a Car Cluj is entitled to consider the vehicle stolen and to report the theft to the police.
  18. To use the rented vehicle for the purpose and in the conditions provided in the present agreement.
  19. Not to exceed the established area without the special consent of Tim Rent a Car Cluj.
  20. To pay the agreed tariff in the established terms.
  21. Not to hand over the vehicle representing the object of the present agreement to another person, by any means.
  22. To have the diligence of a good owner in using the handed over vehicle.
  23. To only fuel the vehicle with the fuel stated in the agreement.
  24. To hand over the vehicle, at the termination of the agreement, in the same condition in which it was received.
  25. To notify immediately Tim Rent a Car Cluj at the phone number indicated in the reception-delivery minutes, regarding any flaw and not to perform any repairs or interventions to the vehicle, out of own initiative.
  26. To hand over the rented vehicle, at the latest, at the date and hour established in the agreement. If the customer fails to comply with any of the contractual liabilities, the agreement is rightfully terminated, without delay and without other formalities. In this case ,Tim Rent a Car Cluj is entitled to repossess the vehicle through its own methods; the customer shall acknowledge the right of Tim Rent a Car Cluj to access the premises, garage or other location where the car is, for the purpose of its repossession.
  27. To support all the damages caused to the vehicle, which are not covered by insurance.
  28. To comply with all the provisions stated in the vehicle’s reception-delivery minutes.
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