Car rental companies are constantly expanding, each company thus trying to provide more foldable and flexible services for customers ‘ needs. This is due primarily to the large volume of demand that comes from the market, people opting for these services even in the context of owning a personal car.

The team Tim Rent a car Cluj presents the most advantageous and most common situations in which our clients resort to car rental services:

1. Business Trips
It is known that few are the companies in Romania that provide its customers with service cars. For companies that do not own cars for employees, it is simpler and more at hand to appeal to a car rental company. In this way, cars that are rented by companies can be both used by its agajatii to move, as well as for the transport of business partners from office to airport and vice versa. Unlike the services offered by a taxi, a car rented even in this context offers both high mobility and a high degree of autonomy.

2. Vacation Trips
In the context in which our clients do not own a personal car, or own a car but this is not for long walks (it has a small trunk), renting a car is the most common solution. For holidays, our clients often opt for a spacious car that has the ability to provide greater comfort to the whole family.

3. Personal Events
Through personal events we refer to a special occasion such as weddings, baptisms, birthdays. In these contexts, the movement with means of transport in common is excluded, and taxi transportation may not offer a high degree of autonomy. In this way, customers opt for elegant cars, reported to the seriousness of the event, cars with low fuel consumption.

4. Travel from outside the country
Car rental services are often reserved by people working abroad and returning to the country by plane. The rented car can be taken directly from the airport and thus there will be no travel problems during the stay in the country,

So these are 4 of the most common situations where renting the car is a advantageous variant. The list does not end here. Whatever your reason, our company is at your disposal with a car park and with excellent prices for renting the car you want.